Monday, July 28, 2008

Total Health and Fitness

So the day I gave birth on 30may06 I weighed 280lbs, I know I was very hefty and I had a very healthy pregnancy (too healthy). It was very discouraging when my son weighed in at 6lbs and 14oz. After all the water weight went away I was left with 60 pounds to lose, I lost 10 on my own and got very frustrated when the scale went down and then back up again. My sis-in-laws started this weight loss program called total health and fitness and had amazing results, but the price tag was pretty out of our budget. Thankfully my insurance covered it- yay me! So I lost 30 lbs with them in 3 months, however I have 20 more pounds to go still. I lost the weight 3 months ago and still have not met my goal of losing the additional 20 pounds. I love to play the blaming game, so of course I blamed it on my husband because he ate the junk and with the junk staring me in the face all day long I gave in and have not progressed with my weight loss goal. So my husband joined the program- hip hip hooray- and as much as I would like to take credit for his decision, he decided all on his own to lose the weight. He is doing great on it, and he is motivating me to stay on track and to keep going. Vete lost 5 pounds his first week, and has a ton of energy, and his sleeping schedule is so much better. I have to admit I am loving it, it is nice to share the same weight loss struggles and little accomplishments with your spouse aka best friend. I'm hoping by the time he is done with the program, I will have met my goal- we will see!