Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm a blogger

Ok so I always told myself that I never had time to blog, but I always had time to read all of your wonderful and inciteful blogspots. So today I'm finally going to get things started! Nothing in my life is worth blogging about besides my son (and of course my hubby - j/k), our lives revolve around his world and we wouldn't have it any other way. The king is 2, and full of energy, life, laughter, craziness, intelligence of course, and lately gas- he just learned to fart and burp and will purposely turn red trying to get one out which ever way it goes. Just to let you know he didn't learn it from me or his Dad- and that is the truth. He is a joy and we love every moment we have to spend with him. So things to be aware of if you read this blog :1. spelling errors and the incorrect grammar because their will be tons of them, 2. I tend to go off on tangents so be aware of the sporadic thoughts, 3. Yes I have many fob moments so just be aware 4. The blogs will be all about Tai, occassionally about me or Vets - so it will get boring!