Saturday, July 18, 2009

Remeber the time....

I have been trying for the longest time to upload my high school photos before I post this but I give up it's not working. So it's been ten years since I've walked the halls of old Kahuku High, and I have nothing but fond memories of my Alma mater the greatest high school ever. Kahuku was known for academics, athletics, and the best song fest ever (sorry Harm you know I luv Kam)- forget the all the bad stuff anyone has heard of Kahuku they were all just rumors- j/k. So in my eyes Kahuku was the bomb! I miss the days when we would pass the old Kahuku church riding on the school bus after a game and someone would pound on the bus seats and everyone in bus would start singing the Alma mater "In old Kahuku stands our Alma Mater
Where the salt winds blow day after day.......", every single time we hit the last lines of the Alma mater "All hail, Kahuku, hail!" right when the bus stops in front of the gym. I also remember the infamous "you get one quata?" askers at the front of the lunch line. The CP's roaming the school looking for a cutter, I'm proud to say that I never cut class- I actually never had the guts to cut class always so afraid of what my parents might do. I remember our lunch table my friends and I always ate at, right by the stage- or even the side of the cafe we use to hang out at during recess. I also remember every Friday at the last block of the day we had an assembly, and they were always the best. High school was great for me not because I dated the cutest guy, or I partied a lot- which are the things I wish I did or could do. But partly because I had a great group of friends who were all about having clean fun, and for the most part were drama free. It's rare that you have friends that you went to elem. school, intermediate, and high school together and to this day they are still my best friends. Everyone who grew up with me knows that I was always on lock down- couldn't go anywhere or do anything unless it was school related. That is why I got involved in every single club or activity, I was able to go to dances that way and actually have a tiny bit of a social life, never mind that my Mom was there as a chaperon, at least I was out of my house. I miss those days playing sports: volleyball, basketball, tennis, and even paddling for one year - practices and games were a huge bulk of high school for me. Although I didn't have the skills to play at a collegiate level, I learned a lot from my team mates and coaches- and I learned a lot about myself. I could go on about my high school years at Kahuku, but I think their is a cap on how many words allotted on a post. To sum it up I would not do those years over again, but I will definitely never forget all the fond memories I had at Kahuku- pride of the North shore!

Our president Marina Toelupe aka Fonoimoana, organized a mainland reunion which was suppose to be at a park but changed to be held at her home due to the wheat her. Although just a handful of us showed up it was fun to get together and visit with everyone. Everyone has grown up, we all have families- I am the one with the least amount of children but I'm working on it. Uila one of my best friends flew in from Hawaii just for the reunion. Later that week we had a surprise baby shower for Uila and Teizi, Juaul, Edna, and Tupu all came to celebrate. Before Uila went back to Hawaii Juaul, Uila, Tupu and I went out to eat- and it seemed like a class reunion lasted a week. Good to see everyone, wish I could make it to the Hawaii one in oct09, but I don't want to show up looking like an elephant I'll be about 7 months by then. I'll wait to see pics., and hear stories!