Friday, October 22, 2010

First dentist appointment

Took Tai to his first dentist appointment, he goes to the "out of this world" dental office in Draper. This office is pretty cool, the lobby is very kid friendly and the staff is super nice and accommodating to kids. It was a great experience Tai wants to go back, and we will be going back not only because its cool but he's got 4 cavities. Yes shame on mommy, good thing we have good insurance.

Ice cream truck

The ice cream truck comes by our house everyday and as soon as Tai hears the tune he starts to cry for an ice cream. At the beginning of the summer the ice cream truck came by and I had a dollar, so I took Tai out to get something from the truck. To my amazement did not have enough cash to buy an ice cream- talk about rip off ice cream prices. So from that time on when the ice cream truck passes bye with its annoying tune, and my son starts begging for an ice cream- the answer has always been a no, and it's followed by a sad lil boy. Since it was the end of the summer and I had more then a dollar on me, I decided to give in. The ice cream truck drove bye with its annoying tune, and I told my son lets go get one- he was so excited and happy. For that day I was a cool Mom, I just had to blog about this because when my son grows up and tells me I never get anything from the ice cream truck I have proof-lol. Now if it was the manapua truck this would be a different story.....