Saturday, September 20, 2008

To our missionaries w/Luv!

I have recieved an old fashion letter from my sister who is on a mission, and was excited but I also felt incredible guilty at the same time. Because I have written emails and such but I have have never written my sister or my in-laws an actual old fashion letter, and they have both been on their missions for 1+ years. Recieving the letter made me feel so special, compared to the usual bills and junk I recieve on a day to day basis. Now we have a family night dedicated to writting our letters to our loved ones who are on the mission field serving the Lord. Of course Tai cannot write, and sending scribbles a million miles away is just a waste- so Tai is sending his beautiful finger paintings. I must say this kid is talented, but that is just me! Hope Grandma and Grandpa Ho Ching, and Aunty Olo enjoy thier letters- we luv and miss ya!

Tai hard at work making his paintings perfect, and also going numba 2- that's my boy the multitasker!

The finish product!