Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy late-Halloween.

I'm really blogging out of order- here are some pictures of our trunk or treat.
Tai was a GI Joe, and yes his costume was on clearance last year, and yes I convinced him that GI Joes are the coolest ever even though he had no idea what a GI Joe is. Sad to say I did it again, and bought another costume on clearance for next year- I'll be spending all year trying to convince Tai Ninja's are cool. Not sure if I can keep doing this any longer , he maybe catching on......
Taituliatu and uncle Taisamoa
Cutest dog I ever met

Bishop Te'o

Tai and friends


Because Grandparents are usually free to love and guide and befriend the young without having to take daily responsibility for them, they can often reach out past pride and fear of failure and close the space between generations.
~Jimmy Carter

Grandma and Grandpa Betham with Drew and Tai

Grandma and Grandpa Ho Ching with Tai

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Baby is 4

This post is a couple months old, but oh well thats what I get. My little big boy turned 4 years old on May 30, 2010, and we had a little birthday party for him to celebrate. Looking back on this day made me realize how little time I have left to spend with him. I can feel those teenage years coimng around the corner, I know those days of rebellion and fia poto-ness (my new word) are gonna be here sooner then I think. For now I cherish every moment I get to spend with my son, my greatest blessing. This kid is so special to me because in his eyes I am the funniest person, I can say anything and he cracks up. He thinks I am so cool, and he just loves having tickle parties. I am so thankful to be his Mommy, and Tai I love you to the moon and back million, billions times over.

Monday, November 1, 2010

What a year!

Wow I have been so MIA lately in the blogging world and it feels good to be back! I have been reading past posts and I realized how important it is to blog. Reading these past posts brought back so many old memories some good some bad, but I loved it. I have a huge gap on my blog, and I'll do my best to fill it with this post.

So lets start with the sad stuff, so year ago I had a miscarriage and it's a small event but had a huge impact on me. I struggled with feelings of being inadequate, and broken both physically and emotionally. Feelings of regret really brought negativity in my life, and I found myself putting blame on others, and also wondering about the what if's? I was a really negative person, I was miserable, I gained a ton of weight and I just didn't want to be happy. During this struggle I realized a lot of things, I realized that I had a wonderful supportive husband and the reasons why I married him magnified. I have developed a relationship with my savior Jesus Christ and realized my worth as a daughter of God. I still struggle with infertility and still as baby hungry as ever but this struggle has helped me grow in many ways and I'm just so grateful for my testimony, my family and everything that I have- especially the light of my life my son.
After this happened we started house shopping and bought a house and it's been a year since we have been here. Still so many unfinished projects, and lots of work but getting there. Home ownership has many pros and cons- the feeling we get when we pull into our driveway and know that all our hard work is going towards something other then down the drain is priceless. However the feeling I get when I open my bills sucks- bigger place bigger bills. This is the only time I miss the draper condo! Also we are learning so much from my bro and sis in-law on how to change fuses, how to winterize and ect., grateful they live close. We are just very happy with what we have, never mind about the decline in house values we won't go there- lol!
After moving to the Lehi area we decided that we wanted to start attending the Samoan ward-Lehi 42nd. Other then my home ward Laie 1st- I have never felt more at home then I feel in this ward. I have been inactive for a huge part of my life and coming to this ward has been a blessing to both me and my family. Vete started to go to church and he has struggled with things in his life and this ward has fellowshipped him back to church and I will forever be in debt to this ward for that alone. It's been a long time coming and I never thought that I would be going to church with my husband, I cherish the moments that we have just sitting together as a family in church. Since moving to this ward I have been called to the relief society, and Vete has been called to the Elders Quorum, these callings have been challenging but they have helped both of us grow spiritually. This past June 2010 our family was sealed in the Draper temple. I look back on that day and it was pretty hectic before and after the sealing but the sealing itself was beautiful. I have never been this happy before, it's amazing how everything falls into place when you put the Lord first in your life. So whats going on with us now? Tai is in preschool, and he is four years old and growing up too quick. He is so smart, and just like me very clumsey. I think Vete and I will push academics on this kid, but who knows he may surprise Vete and I and be more of an athlete when he gets older. He is the tallest in his preschool class and we just hope he starts to put on weight so that he can grow horizontally aswell. He is in to Super why right now, and his favorite color is purple and what can I say about this kid, other then he is the bomb- the center of me and Vetes world! Vete is busy with work and we rarely see him because of his calling but would nothave it any other way. I'm still working, will be working till the day I die- but I cannot complain, I am grateful for my job and it's security. I'm working out again trying to lose all the weight , but this time around I'm in it for the long haul and not the quick fix. I'm also preparing to go back to school, and hoping and praying I get in. This year has allowed us to grow in so many ways, and I hope I can stay consistent with blogging this time around so that I can capture all the memories.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

FHE pumpkin activity

We spray painted pumpkins and painted them for FHE. They are not the cutiest things but at least we have some kind of decor reflecting the holidays, because I'm so lazy oops I mean busy to put up decor and then turn around and take them down. This is as festive as I can get, and Tai didn't get paint everywhere- so all in all great FHE.

Farm Country Field trip

Field trip to Farm Country, this place stinks so bad- but my nose started to tolerate the smell the longer I was there.
Tai loved it there, too bad it's too cold to go back. Had a blast!

Friday, October 22, 2010

First dentist appointment

Took Tai to his first dentist appointment, he goes to the "out of this world" dental office in Draper. This office is pretty cool, the lobby is very kid friendly and the staff is super nice and accommodating to kids. It was a great experience Tai wants to go back, and we will be going back not only because its cool but he's got 4 cavities. Yes shame on mommy, good thing we have good insurance.

Ice cream truck

The ice cream truck comes by our house everyday and as soon as Tai hears the tune he starts to cry for an ice cream. At the beginning of the summer the ice cream truck came by and I had a dollar, so I took Tai out to get something from the truck. To my amazement did not have enough cash to buy an ice cream- talk about rip off ice cream prices. So from that time on when the ice cream truck passes bye with its annoying tune, and my son starts begging for an ice cream- the answer has always been a no, and it's followed by a sad lil boy. Since it was the end of the summer and I had more then a dollar on me, I decided to give in. The ice cream truck drove bye with its annoying tune, and I told my son lets go get one- he was so excited and happy. For that day I was a cool Mom, I just had to blog about this because when my son grows up and tells me I never get anything from the ice cream truck I have proof-lol. Now if it was the manapua truck this would be a different story.....