Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy late-Halloween.

I'm really blogging out of order- here are some pictures of our trunk or treat.
Tai was a GI Joe, and yes his costume was on clearance last year, and yes I convinced him that GI Joes are the coolest ever even though he had no idea what a GI Joe is. Sad to say I did it again, and bought another costume on clearance for next year- I'll be spending all year trying to convince Tai Ninja's are cool. Not sure if I can keep doing this any longer , he maybe catching on......
Taituliatu and uncle Taisamoa
Cutest dog I ever met

Bishop Te'o

Tai and friends


Ceeu N Uila said... funny bets....

Mel said...

I hope you don't mind me visiting your blog. (Long day at work). Love the pics & posts. I need motivation to get me going - again...thank you!

BETS & VETS said...

hey mel thanks for the comment

hine.T said...

Oh no doing it right with the clearance costumes. lol. I shoulda done that, but I just wait for the half-off sales.
And Tai, NINJA's are the coolest...ask Bronx & Blaise! ;-)