Monday, April 13, 2009

What happened to the Blogspot camper?

Man my life is usually a bore, and I'm usually a blogspot camper but lately things have been crazy. My body is still adjusting from the lack of sleep, over eating, and an over load of family time. Two weeks ago my husband's sister's family came from Portland, OR to spend some time with family and attend a brother-in-laws wedding. All of my husbands family lives here in Utah except them, so we spent every free moment we had staying up late to visit, going to the movies, doing some family activities together.

Tai was in Heaven but as the week wore down the lack of sleep hit him and he was turning into the biggest brat. Who can blame him I'm the same way, I think we all get a little cranky here and there. Even though he was a brat he got really attatched to his cousin Dallin and especially his cousin Kahailei, who he has only seen about twice in his life. Vete's neices and nephews all have age groups and it was the cutest this to see my son get along and play with his age group.

Sisilia got baptised that weekend and this girl is like Tai's older sister, she is 8 years old and this is a post on it's own so I'll post about this beautiful girl later. After the baptism we went to the wedding and then said our goodbyes. It was good to see the Loo family and hope we will be able to see them again soon.

The next weekend my older sister gave birth to number 6 - baby Nunia Amuamu Toki, she is beautiful, healthy and filling out everyday. Although my sister has made some tough decisions in her life she is a great example to me, because she is a survivor and a hard worker and preserveres through her struggles. I love her and congratulate her and Pete on their new arrival and my neices and nephews on their new baby sister. When my neice was born my Mom called and told me that she was coming to visit baby Nunia and my Dad was coming too, I was totally shocked. My Dad is the definition of a work-a-holic, he never takes a vacation, rarley calls in sick and we rarely see him when we visit because he is always working. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my Mom and Dad were coming to visit, and it was so nice to have them here. They only stayed for the weekend and then returned home. My younger sister Saolo returned home from her mission in Romania the wed. before conference. She was released that night and she and my Mom flew to Utah the next thursday to attend conference. I picked them up and was so excited to see my sister after a year and a half, she looked the same but she cut her hair short because long hair was too hard for her to manage on the mission. As soon as we started driving I realized although my sister stated that she is more compassionate and chartiable towards others she is still the sister I remembered- still lil miss opinionated and we got into an arguement. My poor Mom was in the back laughing at us, telling us some things never change.

My Auty Katie and her family also came down from Cali to attend conference and my siblings and I came up with a plan of how to host everyone. How come I eneded up doing all the hosting, cooking, cleaning, I am such a sucker! Anyways while my family was here we celebrated my 28th birthday on apr 5th, it was very nice to have my family here and celebrate with them. Birthdays aren't special anymore, just another year- however I am grateful for another year to spend with my family and for the countless blessing I have recieved- and not to mention the birthday check from my bomb in-laws! You like the emergency candle on my cake?

As my family started to head out my son got so sad, although it was a whirlwind for a couple of days - Tai was in Heaven seeing so much people. He got really attatched to my Mom and my niece Roz. They did so much together and he cried the morning my mom and baby Roz left- poor lonely old kid there is only so much I can do.

We have a nice mellow week to spend with our little family, and then Tai and I head to Cali for my sisters homecoming. Tai is so excited because his Grandma promised him Disneyland, but I think I'm more excited then he is.