Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aggies in the house

I have been holding my breath for the past couple months because I have been wanting this for so long, and finally got the opportunity.
This past summer I decided that I wanted to continue my education and apply to get my graduate degree in SW, as my son will finally start kindergarden soon. This past fall I learned really quick that the brain is a muscle, and my brain was very out of shape. I did my best to prepare to take the GRE and took it and scored really bad, I took it again couple months later and did even worse. Also at the time I realized why my parents kept telling me to do good in college , because looking at my grades it was no where near what was required for my program. Well to make a long story short , I submitted my application in anyways, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Miracles do happen and I got accepted in the Utah state University MSW program, I'll officially become an Aggie, and start school august 2011.Also my son got into his charter school for kinder garden , and we will be starting school together in august2011.

I feel very blessed and excited to be starting this new chapter in my life, adding school to my current job and my other job as a mother to my two boys (Vete and Tai) like it is not already busy as it is- I'm still excited-lol!