Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Zula Patrol

I have been struggling trying to find things for my son to do while I am working. I feel so guilty just sitting him in front of the tube and having him watch countless hours of brain dead television. So while I was working I had the television on PBS, at least some of it is educational right! Well the Zula Patrol was on and it looked like just another cartoon, and while I was working "Malto", one of the aliens mentioned Plate Tectonics so I quickly swiveled my chair and tuned my attention to watching this cartoon. If anyone knows me you know I am not good at math and science, and when I was in college I especially struggled with my Physical Science class. I spent countless hours with the teaching assistant trying to understand the concepts of physcial science, and I barely passed the dang class by the hair of my chinny chin chin. So I have never heard of plate tectonics until my physical science class in college , thanks to my prestigous edumakation at Kahuku High. I'll try to get to my point, this cartoon in a very exciting and interesting way explained the concept of plate tectonics- which I understoond instantly, and when I was in college it took me hours with a teaching assistant to understand. So now we make sure Tai gets his daily dosage of the Zula Patrol, hopefully something will seap into his brain while watching this cartoon- and the hours spent in front of the tv, will not be in vain- I'm so bad! If any of you want to know it is on at 12pm on channel 11, and it's about a group of aliens who travel the universe, learning new and exciting things about science and space exploration- I took that directly from thier website lol.