Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Zula Patrol

I have been struggling trying to find things for my son to do while I am working. I feel so guilty just sitting him in front of the tube and having him watch countless hours of brain dead television. So while I was working I had the television on PBS, at least some of it is educational right! Well the Zula Patrol was on and it looked like just another cartoon, and while I was working "Malto", one of the aliens mentioned Plate Tectonics so I quickly swiveled my chair and tuned my attention to watching this cartoon. If anyone knows me you know I am not good at math and science, and when I was in college I especially struggled with my Physical Science class. I spent countless hours with the teaching assistant trying to understand the concepts of physcial science, and I barely passed the dang class by the hair of my chinny chin chin. So I have never heard of plate tectonics until my physical science class in college , thanks to my prestigous edumakation at Kahuku High. I'll try to get to my point, this cartoon in a very exciting and interesting way explained the concept of plate tectonics- which I understoond instantly, and when I was in college it took me hours with a teaching assistant to understand. So now we make sure Tai gets his daily dosage of the Zula Patrol, hopefully something will seap into his brain while watching this cartoon- and the hours spent in front of the tv, will not be in vain- I'm so bad! If any of you want to know it is on at 12pm on channel 11, and it's about a group of aliens who travel the universe, learning new and exciting things about science and space exploration- I took that directly from thier website lol.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun get together

We went to dinner the other night with the Alberts and the Tuitele's who were visting for the weekend. Their daughter Na'ulei is just the most beautiful, squishy little baby- and just seeing her made me even more baby hungry- especially for a little girl! Thanks Cam and Lohi for treating us, the food was great but the company was better!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Too big the lips

Tai got his Dad's big big lips, I just got a little bit of footage of him trying to blow out this candle. He tried so hard to blow it out, and I tried to teach him how to blow the candle but I think his lips just get in the way. I finally blew it out because he would of definitely turned blue trying to get it out himself.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Phelps is the Man!

I cannot believe how amazing this guy is, 8 gold metals- what an accomplish ment!

Mr. Independence

I pretty much do everything for my son, just because it's easier and faster if I do it- rather then him. But I realized that Tai is way too old for me to be doing everything, and at the rate I'm going I will probably be cutting his food when he is 30 yrs old. So I'm learning to take a step back and let him try and fail on his own and then step in when he finally gets frustrated and can't do it anymore. It has worked, he is learning to be more independent and to try things on his own without my help. The funniest thing though was the other day when I told him to get his shoes and to put them on. He came back with his sandals on the wrong feet and an extra toe in one of his sandals, it was so cute and I let him run around a little bit like that - then I finally fixed it. Hopefully this is a start to his new found independence from me, next the dishes- j/k I totally wish though!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So my son went through a period of time when he loved to brush his teeth, he would get so excited when he followed me into the bathroom and started to put toothpaste on his little brush. Then recently I don't know what happened but he started to kick and scream when I told him it was time to brush his teeth. I would seriously have to pin him down and pry his mouth open while brushing his teeth and it was a chore for me and for him. So the other day when we were at walmart I came across these kiddy toothbrushes called firefly's they are so cool. So they light up by pressing the bottom button and it lights up for a minute which is the dentist recommended time for a child to brush their teeth, and the light will die when it is time to change the toothbrush. This tootbrush did the trick, Tai re-discovered his love to brush his teeth and it's no longer a war between he and I to get his teeth brushed. Mothers' I recommend this tooth brush it is cheap and makes brushing teeth fun- I know that sounds like a info-mercial!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Can't wait for Beijing 2008

I love, love, love the olympics and cannot wait until they begin. My favorite events to watch is the beach and indoor womens volleyball events. First the Walsh and May duo, they are the bomb- not only are they the best in their sport but such great role models. Misty May is in peak condition and she is also a Mother- to juggle being number 1 for the past 8 years she is also juggling motherhood, and that is amazing- what an inspiration. Also the USA volleball team has my favorite setter in the world Robin Amo. I grew up watching her set for UH, and to see her still playing for the USA team is remarkable. She too is a Mother and still doing her thing- represent Hawaii on a national level! I will be cheering these remarkable women on from the front row seat of my couch and living vicariously through them- GO USA!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Random Shots

I had to clear my memory card!

Day at the park

The sun went down a little, and it seemed it was a perfect day to visit the park. I wanted to take a bike ride, and make use of the nice weather until the cold sweeps in - in a couple of months. I tried to convince Vete to do the same, however I ended up riding my bike there and of course Vete drove the truck. However it is was nice, Tai and Vete had so much fun rolling in the grass and I played photographer for the purpose of my blog. I wish it were summer all year round here in Utah, I don't mind the heat - but I get sick just thinking about how cold it will be soon.