Saturday, September 12, 2009


So much has gone on lately I don't know where to begin. Summer has been over for a while now and I had no vacation, no tan, of course fell off the work out routine, but I still had a blast! Spent most of the summer days working, but still filled in a lot of time to spend with the family- and build memories. Our summer was very simple, spent many cool afternoons under a shaded tree watching Tai play at a neighborhood park. Went to various fairs and festivals, walks to great harvest for our favorite treats, and bikes rides to our favorite destination jamba juice. I think this summer I realized how much I take for granted, how much I love my family both near and far, and how much my Heavenly Father loves me and looks out for me in every way. We started the summer excitedly awaiting the birth of our baby, unfortunately we lost the baby. The only experience I have ever had with a tough loss was when my grandma died, but I was really young when that happened. We have great family and friends that have shown their support, and things like this happen all the time. But I think the sudden shock and change just hit us really hard. Vete and I are at a place now that we are ok with what happened, we can talk about it and not want to break down and cry. Knowing that we can rely on our Heavenly Father and the he is always there for us, brings us so much comfort. All we can do now is move on and try again.

A lot has happened with Tai, he is officially potty trained. This kid amazes me, regardless of the fact that it took him a while- once he was ready to be potty trained he got it. I was hesitant to let him sleep without a diaper, or go out and run errands with him without putting a diaper on him- but I had nothing to worry about. Once I started to trust him that he would ask me to go potty, or go on his own, then he was fine. I love it, makes life so much easier. Tai also sleeps in his own bed which is a huge leap forward for Vete and for Tai. Vete loves to cuddle with his son, and Tai loves it as well- but with two moefiki's(sorry for the spelling) I need my space and my sleep. So I got a killer deal at Ikea on a bed for Tai, and once we set it up he has stayed in his bed all night and doesn't want to sleep with Mommy and Daddy anymore.

We also have lost our property virginity, and finally bought our first home. We were hesitant to buy because Vete is in school, and that alone is a huge financial and time burden. But the cost of homes, and the tax credits really got us off the fence. When we found the home that was perfect for us, we knew we had to get it. We are now in Lehi and love it, but we miss the convenience of Draper, everything was walking distance away (not that we walked). We also miss the Draper condo, so much of my growing up happened while we were living there. I became a Mother, I slowly matured into an adult, we had our first Christmas together there, I learned how a keep a home and to take care of my family. We had so many memories in the four years that we lived at the condo, and I will miss it. I'm not going to post pictures of the house, only because we are so wanting to host and have people over- so if you are in the area come by and visit(just give me a couple of minutes to stuff all my mess into a closet). J/K once I find my USB cable I'll post pictures, but seriously. Since we moved to Lehi, we decided to attend the Samoan ward out here. All I can say is that I feel like I belong, people are so warm, and so nice and Vete likes it too so that is a huge plus. I liked my Palagi ward, and ward members were friendly but I really felt out of place. We are really happy with our decision to attend the Samoan ward.

Gosh novel yeah, happy holidays everyone!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Remeber the time....

I have been trying for the longest time to upload my high school photos before I post this but I give up it's not working. So it's been ten years since I've walked the halls of old Kahuku High, and I have nothing but fond memories of my Alma mater the greatest high school ever. Kahuku was known for academics, athletics, and the best song fest ever (sorry Harm you know I luv Kam)- forget the all the bad stuff anyone has heard of Kahuku they were all just rumors- j/k. So in my eyes Kahuku was the bomb! I miss the days when we would pass the old Kahuku church riding on the school bus after a game and someone would pound on the bus seats and everyone in bus would start singing the Alma mater "In old Kahuku stands our Alma Mater
Where the salt winds blow day after day.......", every single time we hit the last lines of the Alma mater "All hail, Kahuku, hail!" right when the bus stops in front of the gym. I also remember the infamous "you get one quata?" askers at the front of the lunch line. The CP's roaming the school looking for a cutter, I'm proud to say that I never cut class- I actually never had the guts to cut class always so afraid of what my parents might do. I remember our lunch table my friends and I always ate at, right by the stage- or even the side of the cafe we use to hang out at during recess. I also remember every Friday at the last block of the day we had an assembly, and they were always the best. High school was great for me not because I dated the cutest guy, or I partied a lot- which are the things I wish I did or could do. But partly because I had a great group of friends who were all about having clean fun, and for the most part were drama free. It's rare that you have friends that you went to elem. school, intermediate, and high school together and to this day they are still my best friends. Everyone who grew up with me knows that I was always on lock down- couldn't go anywhere or do anything unless it was school related. That is why I got involved in every single club or activity, I was able to go to dances that way and actually have a tiny bit of a social life, never mind that my Mom was there as a chaperon, at least I was out of my house. I miss those days playing sports: volleyball, basketball, tennis, and even paddling for one year - practices and games were a huge bulk of high school for me. Although I didn't have the skills to play at a collegiate level, I learned a lot from my team mates and coaches- and I learned a lot about myself. I could go on about my high school years at Kahuku, but I think their is a cap on how many words allotted on a post. To sum it up I would not do those years over again, but I will definitely never forget all the fond memories I had at Kahuku- pride of the North shore!

Our president Marina Toelupe aka Fonoimoana, organized a mainland reunion which was suppose to be at a park but changed to be held at her home due to the wheat her. Although just a handful of us showed up it was fun to get together and visit with everyone. Everyone has grown up, we all have families- I am the one with the least amount of children but I'm working on it. Uila one of my best friends flew in from Hawaii just for the reunion. Later that week we had a surprise baby shower for Uila and Teizi, Juaul, Edna, and Tupu all came to celebrate. Before Uila went back to Hawaii Juaul, Uila, Tupu and I went out to eat- and it seemed like a class reunion lasted a week. Good to see everyone, wish I could make it to the Hawaii one in oct09, but I don't want to show up looking like an elephant I'll be about 7 months by then. I'll wait to see pics., and hear stories!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big boy hair cut

We cut Tai's beautiful light blondish brown curly hair! He has been asking us to cut it, I'm also so tired of hearing people call him a girl and since it's so hot out we thought it's time. Vete didn't want to come with me because it was too hard on him, (I know what a big baby). I took him to cookie cutters again and the lady saw his hair and was like- "are you sure you want to cut this beautiful hair"? I told her, "not to ask me again because it was a hard decision and I might change my mind"- but of course I said it nicely. She started to buzz the sides and as the long curls fell to the ground I wanted to tell her to "stop!", "that's enough", but this is want he wanted it's not what we want anymore. When she was done it was like seeing a different Tai, he still looks like my lil boy just different. When we got home, Vete couldn't stop laughing- Tai just stood there wondering what his Dad was laughing at. Vete doesn't like it, and now is determined to grow his hair out again- I'll get to that battle when it comes. For now I'm enjoying my new sons look, he does look more palagi but I think it's growing on me!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Apple a day keeps the dentist away....

So this post is about my husband, I'm so mad at him or maybe myself , or maybe just jealous in a way. It's the end of the fiscal year with our benefits I made dentist appointments for Vete and I. It's been about a year and a half since I have gone to the dentist and had a lot of pain in one tooth and really needed a check up. I hate to admit but I floss occasionally, I brush my teeth twice a day, but I do have a love for chocolate- love that stuff! Vete on the other hand never flosses, I rarely see him brush his teeth before bed, and he eats a lot of candy but not as much as me. I asked Vete "so how long has it really been since you've seen the Dentist?", his response "probably since before I went on my mission, which was about I think ten years ago." He's had no pain nothing all this time but I convinced Vete that he needs to go in and get a check up. In the back of my mind I already new we would have to spend a lot out-of-pocket for me because I knew I needed a lot of work, I didn't want to think about how much out-of-pocket we needed to spend on him. So we go in and who gets scolded by the Dentist, and then has to have countless filings and lets not mention the root canals that need to be done- yes that is me. Then who is the one that gets praised by the dentits and only needs 2-3 fillings and 1 root canal, yes that would be my husband who has not seen the dentist in over ten years. The dentist tells my husband that he's got really good genes, not only are his teeth really healthy but so are his gums. I'm happy for him but he loves to rub it in, and now remembers to floss and brush twice a day- only because he feels obligated to keep up his good report with the dentist. How ironic!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you pregnant yet?

It seems like as soon as I gave birth to Tai, the question "are you pregnant yet?" was frequently asked- no joke. So after three years of trying, and never ever being on birth control I started asking myself that question. I always wanted my kids a year a part, or close together so they would have close relationships- and I could make use of hand-me-downs (it's just the cheap in me). For a while there I accepted the fact that Tai would be the only child, and Vete and I were both ok with that. But I knew that Tai would miss out on a lot being the only child. Finally I am so excited to say that yes "I am pregnant" and I can finally give Tai the sibling that he has always wanted. I did try the clomide (spelling) thing, but excited to say when I got pregnant it was natural and I was not on any type of fertility pill- there is only one heart beat when the Doctor checked. I just have to add that anyone out there that is still trying to get pregnant don't stress, because it will happen when you least expect it. I was one of those people that took a pregnancy test the day I was late, sometimes a day or two early and you don't need details but lets say we were very strict on following through on my fertility days. It was a long journey for us and the week I found out I was pregnant, I actually had another appointment to see the Doctor to get back on the Clomide. This pregnancy came out of no where, of course we wanted it but we accepted the disappointment of a negative test so that it would be easier to take. Vete was skeptical even after I took 3 pregnancy test and they all came out positive, he was so happy but would not show his emotions until I confirmed it with the Doctor. Once the doctor did the ultra sound and confirmed it, he was so excited and called everyone he knew. Vete is dying for a Lil girl, but I have a feeling it will be another boy because the pregnancy feels the same as to when I was pregnant with Tai. But we both really don't care, after trying so long we are happy to be adding another special spirit to our lil family. January 24, 2010 our bundle of joy will arrive and we cannot wait, seriously this pregnancy is already too long!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My baby no more......

My little baby is now three years old- tear, tear- makes me so sad because he’s becoming more and more independent from me. I know that’s a good thing but pretty soon he will be talking back to me, disobeying me, causing chaos- wait a minute he does that now, the bad thing is I know that will all increase ten fold. Up until now Tai has been the perfect lil boy, his smiles melt my heart, he never gives a kiss without a hug to go with it, he picks up his toys after playing with it and he’s my greatest blessing. I know I’m a sucker for this kid and will give anything and everything to him- I think if Vete wasn’t around to put his foot down I really would go broke getting Tai anything his little heart desires. This is a weakness I have, and a reality I haven’t realized until lately.

When Tai was born he was a good baby, rarely cried, even if he did his cry was the cutest thing to me. He was a little late in crawling and walking mainly because I always carried him, but he never had the terrible two’s and rarely threw fits. Vete and I thought to ourselves, if he doesn’t get the terrible two’s by 2 ½ then he probably will never get it. Hello, amateur parents here- we did not realize the fury of Tai- the lil monster we were creating.- ok “I was” creating. My form of discipline was timeout, and it has worked so far. I point to the corner when he does something bad and he sits down and folds his arms, and stays there until his time is up. However as my lil angel turns into a lil devil I have recently fallen back to my parent’s method of discipline “the hand will talk when the mouth is too tired”. Tough love is a lesson that I am still learning, and I know my greatest fear is turning this kid into a “momma’s boy” so I have to stick with it.

I just hope Tai that this year brings you happiness, and joy- and that this isn’t an early sign of headaches to come for your Mommy. Please continue to be my little angel, please, please, please! Tai won’t have a party this year, we are going to take him out to eat, probably take him to watch the movie “Up”, and have him pick out his bike that he has been asking for the longest. I promised him that he will get a party next year- oh and Tai is also going to get something that he has always wanted, to be continued……

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend getaway!

Vete and I are the definition of old farts! We have been together for about nine years (5 dating and 4 married), seems like an eternity- for realz. Our favorite past time is co zing up on the couch and watching movies. We have not been able to do much of this lately, but when we do have the time it's a joy. I know so boring but no shame here, Vete and I are pretty mellow people and enjoy keeping things low key and quiet. This year we celebrate our 4Th year wedding anniversary, although I'm embarrassed to admit this is the first time we celebrated our anniversary. We have forgotten all about it the first three years, we both have very bad memories. Because of our limited funds we decided to just pick up some Cafe rio and eat at a park, but because it rained we ended up coming home and Vete studied. It was ok because school is our focus right now, but inside I really felt like doing something fun and different. Luckily Vete sister invited us to come with them to camp and fish up Scofield, I was really excited- I needed to get out of the mundane. Vete was kind of on the fence he didn't know what to expect but was willing to go up for a day and check it out, I told Vete this would be our way to really celebrate our anniversary because it was the same week. We went up to scofield Friday afternoon, it's 30 min past the Spanish Fork Canyons, and the drive is beautiful. I've been in Utah for about ten years and never been up that way before, I felt like I was in a different state. Let me tell you this is not camping, we stayed at a beautiful cabin, we had hot running water, our room looked like a hotel room, and the view was so pretty! Vete went fishing with his nieces and brother-in-law, and Tai tagged along. I guess Tai was a little too excited that he wanted to touch everything that he was not suppose to and when we arrived to the lake Vete was so fed up with him. Tai was such a bad boy at the cabin, he didn't listen to a word I said and my strategy of a time out didn't work so well out there. When this kid is with his cousins he seems to think that he can do and get away with anything- which he pretty much did, but he got it when we got home! Anyways Tai had so much fun, he made smores, rode Pine's 4-wheeler, disobeyed his Momma and got away with it and was just in heaven seeing and playing with all his cousins. Although it rained a lot we had a lot of fun, and had a great experience- thanks Peni! Happy 4th anniversary to my teddy bear I hope we remember to celebrate it next year-lol! My camera is acting funny., pic to come soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Cali trip

Our 3 day trip to Cali for Sister Bethams home coming was fun, crazy, exhausting and hot to say the least. Tai had his suitcase packed four days earlier and every morning he woke up he'd grabbed his suitcase, drag it to the door and would say "disneyland, disneyland, disneyland"! He was so excited the morning we were leaving Utah he got his backpack on, and his suitcase and was by the door waiting 30 minutes before we planned to leave. We got to the airport and he was so amazed by the planes, and was so excited to board. Vete didn't come with us, my Mom told him the wrong dates to get off and when we realized the homecoming was a week after it was too late for him to get it off. Vete stayed and he had a really hard time, not that he missed me but he missed Tai like crazy.

When we arrived to Cali it was crazy hot, we got to the house and everyone was just hanging out. My Mom planned on taking all of us to Disneyland and because that week was spring break we were not able to use her discount, so we ended up going to Knotts Berry Farm. I was still excited, but I had to stop bringing Disneyland up because my son was so set on going there. So before going to Knotts we went to a near by park to have lunch. This park is pretty cool they had a water feature there and Tai went crazy I had to drag him away from the water so that we could head out to Knotts before the sun went down.

As we drove up to the park nostalgia hit of various times I went to Knotts as a kid. Back in the day we would visit Cali to see my Mom and Dads family and of course we would hit up all the amusement parks. Granted it's not like Disney, the only character Knotts has is Snoopy but it's just as fun in my opinion. But I have to admit their was a moment at knotts where I could've been nominated as the worst parent in the world. I didn't think Tai was afraid of hieghts but the first ride we went on was like a mini free fall for kids. Tai screamed to the top of his lungs and was so terrified. After that ride he didn't trust me anymore and refused to go on any other rides, even the little kiddie ones that barely did anything. He did notice the Wells fargo horse carriage going round the park and wanted to ride the horse so we went on that, but other then that he basically stayed on the side with my Mom while I helped my sis with the other little kids. It's a good thing we know how Tai is at amusement parks now, because Vete and I wanted to take him to Disneyland in Aug. because we felt bad that he didn't go this trip but maybe we'll wait for next year. Best thing about Knotts is their Funnel cake, in all it's deep fried glory. We waited on the side of splash mountain with Tai and my lil neice Roz and got some funnel cakes. Gosh these are the bomb, I can never think of Knotts and not think of these golden, crispy, delish funnel cakes- and I will not think about the calories I probably inhailed , we'll leave that part out of my memories. We left Knotts tired and exhausted, and when we got back to the house my lil brother was home and we visited till late that night.

The next morning we headed for Rialto to help my lil cousin Taylor with his Eagle project. The week prior they in put the irrigation system, and the week we were there they planted the trees. My sister took Tai to my aunts wards easter egg hunt and we were suppose to help but we ended up just walking around and taking pic's while the youth and the men of the ward did all the work. My cousin did an excellent job of organizing the project because it turned out very well, and afterwards we ate and kicked back.

We then headed back to long beach and started to get things ready for the togai on sunday. My sis kept begging my parents to just go to a buffet afterwards with just the immediate family, but my parents just had to invite everyone and their dog to come- that we couldn't afford to pay for 100+ people to eat at a buffet. My Mom and my sisters had to do most of the work because my lil bro and Dad had to work- so us ladies put the up tents, set up tables and chairs, shopping, cooking, cleaning we were crazy busy. My Dad kept adding more food items to the menu and that meant more shopping til late in the night. It all came together well and turned out really good, we ran out of food right in the end but everyone had seconds- we just didn't have enough plates for people to take home. I totally agree with my sis a buffet would have been so much better, but what can you do! I said my goodbyes to my family and headed out to the airport- it was sad but I could not wait to get home. I took some Kalo, corn beef, and 2 plates of seafood home with me on the plane for Vete. When we got home Vete called his sister Nica over to come eat cause there was tons of food. I felt so bad because the next morning Nica called and said that she threw up 3 times and had major diarehea- I think it was the crab because Vete had everything else but the crab and he was fine. Nica was joking that she thought my family was trying to kill her, and then Vete added that my family was probably trying to kill him because the crab was suppose to be for him. I have to add my family loves you all- lol!

This is my beautiful niece Hazel Claire, I almost took her home with me, maybe next time!