Friday, July 10, 2009

Big boy hair cut

We cut Tai's beautiful light blondish brown curly hair! He has been asking us to cut it, I'm also so tired of hearing people call him a girl and since it's so hot out we thought it's time. Vete didn't want to come with me because it was too hard on him, (I know what a big baby). I took him to cookie cutters again and the lady saw his hair and was like- "are you sure you want to cut this beautiful hair"? I told her, "not to ask me again because it was a hard decision and I might change my mind"- but of course I said it nicely. She started to buzz the sides and as the long curls fell to the ground I wanted to tell her to "stop!", "that's enough", but this is want he wanted it's not what we want anymore. When she was done it was like seeing a different Tai, he still looks like my lil boy just different. When we got home, Vete couldn't stop laughing- Tai just stood there wondering what his Dad was laughing at. Vete doesn't like it, and now is determined to grow his hair out again- I'll get to that battle when it comes. For now I'm enjoying my new sons look, he does look more palagi but I think it's growing on me!