Monday, December 15, 2008

Work it Nacho!

Vete begged me not to post these pictures, but I couldn't resist- sorry love. Gabe and Heather threw a Christmas party this year and we had to wear out favorite Christmas sweaters. Vete and I got our sweaters from Deseret Industries, but of course Vete's vision of his attire for the party did not stop there. When we were about to leave he comes out of the bathroom with his beard reduced to this ridiculous mistache, and the rest of his wardrobe reflected Nacho libre- what a hottie! But I have to say Chet got the best gift ever, a picture of his brother-in-law in a questionnable pose, wrapped in a granny panty- priceless. Gabe and Heather did a great job in hosting the party, it was a lot of fun. Vete will appreciate this post when Tai grows up and see's how much of a clown his Dad can be!