Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our new addition......

Yes finally!

Bringing his fish home

Giving fish a huge hug to welcome him home

Tai could not stop staring

Tai would not leave his fishy side, afraid mommy might return him!

Petco has been our go to place for Tai to burn some energy, see some cool animals and have a little fun! We live right next to Petco, and I have been taking him there since he started to walk and so far I have not bought a single thing. I took him there the other day and the first thing he sees as we walked in was a elmo fish tank. Tai never throws tantrums ever, but as soon as he sees this Elmo fish tank he goes crazy screaming his head off, jumping around- I was so embarassed. I took him in the corner and we won't go into details but to sumarize I told him to calm down and we can get a treat. As we walked around he tightly grasped the tank never letting it go, until he spots a spaceship tank- so he puts the Elmo tank down and grabs the spaceship. My initial plan was to let him hold it and then distract him as he was looking at an animal and then quickly put the tank away. It was a little hard because he would not let go of the spaceship. Vete and I are not animal people, I know a fish isn't a big deal but when I was in college I bought a little fish just for fun. Well the fish died on the same day I got it, I thought the fish would like some sunlight so I left the fish next to the window and I guess it boiled to death. I came home and the fish was floating at the top, mind you I was 20 at the time- and felt like the biggest idiot. So I didn't care to much about getting a fish even for Tai- ok I just didn't trust myself taking care of one. But I started thinking and Tai is probably not going to have a sibling for a while, so might as well get him a little companion that will stay put and not smell. So Tai won he got his fish and since Tai has survived his Mommy so far, I guess the fish will survive me too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Knock , knock
Whose there? Sherwood
Sherwood who?
Sherwood like to be your Valentine!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twinkle twinkle goes my lil' star

Tai loves to sing, even though it's mostly out of tune we love to hear it!

Our American Idol

Our American Idol- singing his Twinkle remix. Tai would so be the the contestant on American idol that swears he can sing because his mommy and daddy told him he was the bomb.- future William Hung, j/k!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Jimmy turns 2

Baby Jimmy turned 2 today, and we had a little get together at my brothers house. This kid is 9 months younger then Tai, but you can tell they are cousins because they are both very shy. Happy birthday baby Jimmy we luv u!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Draper Temple open house

Yesterday we went to the Draper temple open house, it was a beautiful experience. We were going to go earlier but Utu called and had tickets for us so we ended up going with the Kaili's, Nica, and Tai. I have never been to a Temple open house before but I really wanted to go the Draper open house for a couple of reasons. In the summer when it was being built Vete, Tai, and I would take Sunday drives up there and even though only the yellow boards were up at the time- it was still a breath taking view. I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day saints all my life but unfortunately I was very inactive in my early twenties and still to this day have not gone through the temple yet. But each day I'm preparing and working towards that eternal goal. Before we boarded the bus that would shuttle us to the Temple we watched a short little video clip on the history of Draper, and the meaning of temples. I believe it was Elder Holland I could be wrong because I have a really bad memory but he said, "in the temples we are sealed to our families for eternity- and to him Heaven would not be Heaven without his wife and his children by his side." Of course I know that but the reality of not being sealed at that very moment brought tears to my eyes, because my husband and my son mean everything to me. When we got to the temple and started the tour words cannot describe the feelings that I felt as I walked through the building. I of course started to cry and tried to walk faster then everyone else so they wouldn't notice. I was in awww by everything it was just beautiful. I had a great experience and cannot not wait to be sealed to my family! I love that qoute "it doesn't matter where you begin, but where you end up", it gives me a huge sense of gratitude and hope! Here's a million pictures that I took and just had to post them all!

Tai and some of his favorite cousins Sisi and Moni. Tai held on to this pole so tight, he was too scared to let go even to move his hair from his eyes.

Everyone in the shuttle on our way to the Temple.

Can you tell we love this picture!

Sick Bebe

For the past week Tai has been feeling under the weather. He has been suffering from a cough, running nose, and loss of appetite- among other things! He's better now, his cough has kind gone away but he still has a running nose. Of course Tai wasn't that sick where he had to go see a doctor, I mean it was pretty much a basic cold where something over the counter would do. But this stirred up a couple of arguments between Vete and I over what type of medicine to give him, please help me if you have any suggestions. So we had the triaminic strips which worked good when Tai was younger but now that he is older he refuses to take it because he doesn't like it when the strip sticks to the roof of his mouth. He ends up scratching all of it off and then starts to scream because he scratched his gums too hard. So first Vete went to the grocery store to get medicine for Tai but came home with juice and no medicine- Vete told me they either had infant or childrens cough syrup. I was pretty mad at him because it was 12am and Tai was coughing and I just cannot go to bed comfortably knowing my son doesn't have anything to soothe his throat. But we gave Tai the juice and yes it helped him go to bed, but I was still mad at Vete because any medicine is better then nothing at all. The next day I went to the store to get some medicine and realized what my husband was right- their is no over the counter cough syrup for toddlers; his weight and age was too low or too high for infant or children s medicine. So I ended up getting the children cough syrup because he was 4 pounds away from the recommended age and when I got home I tried to hurry and get Tai to take his medicine before Vete could see what type of medicine I got. Well he was right there looking over my shoulder and picked up the bottle of cough syrup and would not let me give him the medicine because he did not reach the recommended weight. We of course started to argue again, and then came to a compromise of giving him the children s cough syrup but just a little. I started to pour the cough syrup on to a spoon, and a tiny little drop came out and Vete told me to stop and that was enough. Of course I continued to pour the medicine and it covered at least half the spoon and as I gave it to Tai, Vete and I watched Tai closely- like idiots expecting him to fall over and die of an overdose of too much cough syrup! Luckily Tai is ok, but we are still new at parenting so any suggestions of what type of cough syrup to get for a toddler is welcomed. It will be a miracle if this kid survives his parents.