Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Cali trip

Our 3 day trip to Cali for Sister Bethams home coming was fun, crazy, exhausting and hot to say the least. Tai had his suitcase packed four days earlier and every morning he woke up he'd grabbed his suitcase, drag it to the door and would say "disneyland, disneyland, disneyland"! He was so excited the morning we were leaving Utah he got his backpack on, and his suitcase and was by the door waiting 30 minutes before we planned to leave. We got to the airport and he was so amazed by the planes, and was so excited to board. Vete didn't come with us, my Mom told him the wrong dates to get off and when we realized the homecoming was a week after it was too late for him to get it off. Vete stayed and he had a really hard time, not that he missed me but he missed Tai like crazy.

When we arrived to Cali it was crazy hot, we got to the house and everyone was just hanging out. My Mom planned on taking all of us to Disneyland and because that week was spring break we were not able to use her discount, so we ended up going to Knotts Berry Farm. I was still excited, but I had to stop bringing Disneyland up because my son was so set on going there. So before going to Knotts we went to a near by park to have lunch. This park is pretty cool they had a water feature there and Tai went crazy I had to drag him away from the water so that we could head out to Knotts before the sun went down.

As we drove up to the park nostalgia hit of various times I went to Knotts as a kid. Back in the day we would visit Cali to see my Mom and Dads family and of course we would hit up all the amusement parks. Granted it's not like Disney, the only character Knotts has is Snoopy but it's just as fun in my opinion. But I have to admit their was a moment at knotts where I could've been nominated as the worst parent in the world. I didn't think Tai was afraid of hieghts but the first ride we went on was like a mini free fall for kids. Tai screamed to the top of his lungs and was so terrified. After that ride he didn't trust me anymore and refused to go on any other rides, even the little kiddie ones that barely did anything. He did notice the Wells fargo horse carriage going round the park and wanted to ride the horse so we went on that, but other then that he basically stayed on the side with my Mom while I helped my sis with the other little kids. It's a good thing we know how Tai is at amusement parks now, because Vete and I wanted to take him to Disneyland in Aug. because we felt bad that he didn't go this trip but maybe we'll wait for next year. Best thing about Knotts is their Funnel cake, in all it's deep fried glory. We waited on the side of splash mountain with Tai and my lil neice Roz and got some funnel cakes. Gosh these are the bomb, I can never think of Knotts and not think of these golden, crispy, delish funnel cakes- and I will not think about the calories I probably inhailed , we'll leave that part out of my memories. We left Knotts tired and exhausted, and when we got back to the house my lil brother was home and we visited till late that night.

The next morning we headed for Rialto to help my lil cousin Taylor with his Eagle project. The week prior they in put the irrigation system, and the week we were there they planted the trees. My sister took Tai to my aunts wards easter egg hunt and we were suppose to help but we ended up just walking around and taking pic's while the youth and the men of the ward did all the work. My cousin did an excellent job of organizing the project because it turned out very well, and afterwards we ate and kicked back.

We then headed back to long beach and started to get things ready for the togai on sunday. My sis kept begging my parents to just go to a buffet afterwards with just the immediate family, but my parents just had to invite everyone and their dog to come- that we couldn't afford to pay for 100+ people to eat at a buffet. My Mom and my sisters had to do most of the work because my lil bro and Dad had to work- so us ladies put the up tents, set up tables and chairs, shopping, cooking, cleaning we were crazy busy. My Dad kept adding more food items to the menu and that meant more shopping til late in the night. It all came together well and turned out really good, we ran out of food right in the end but everyone had seconds- we just didn't have enough plates for people to take home. I totally agree with my sis a buffet would have been so much better, but what can you do! I said my goodbyes to my family and headed out to the airport- it was sad but I could not wait to get home. I took some Kalo, corn beef, and 2 plates of seafood home with me on the plane for Vete. When we got home Vete called his sister Nica over to come eat cause there was tons of food. I felt so bad because the next morning Nica called and said that she threw up 3 times and had major diarehea- I think it was the crab because Vete had everything else but the crab and he was fine. Nica was joking that she thought my family was trying to kill her, and then Vete added that my family was probably trying to kill him because the crab was suppose to be for him. I have to add my family loves you all- lol!

This is my beautiful niece Hazel Claire, I almost took her home with me, maybe next time!