Saturday, September 12, 2009


So much has gone on lately I don't know where to begin. Summer has been over for a while now and I had no vacation, no tan, of course fell off the work out routine, but I still had a blast! Spent most of the summer days working, but still filled in a lot of time to spend with the family- and build memories. Our summer was very simple, spent many cool afternoons under a shaded tree watching Tai play at a neighborhood park. Went to various fairs and festivals, walks to great harvest for our favorite treats, and bikes rides to our favorite destination jamba juice. I think this summer I realized how much I take for granted, how much I love my family both near and far, and how much my Heavenly Father loves me and looks out for me in every way. We started the summer excitedly awaiting the birth of our baby, unfortunately we lost the baby. The only experience I have ever had with a tough loss was when my grandma died, but I was really young when that happened. We have great family and friends that have shown their support, and things like this happen all the time. But I think the sudden shock and change just hit us really hard. Vete and I are at a place now that we are ok with what happened, we can talk about it and not want to break down and cry. Knowing that we can rely on our Heavenly Father and the he is always there for us, brings us so much comfort. All we can do now is move on and try again.

A lot has happened with Tai, he is officially potty trained. This kid amazes me, regardless of the fact that it took him a while- once he was ready to be potty trained he got it. I was hesitant to let him sleep without a diaper, or go out and run errands with him without putting a diaper on him- but I had nothing to worry about. Once I started to trust him that he would ask me to go potty, or go on his own, then he was fine. I love it, makes life so much easier. Tai also sleeps in his own bed which is a huge leap forward for Vete and for Tai. Vete loves to cuddle with his son, and Tai loves it as well- but with two moefiki's(sorry for the spelling) I need my space and my sleep. So I got a killer deal at Ikea on a bed for Tai, and once we set it up he has stayed in his bed all night and doesn't want to sleep with Mommy and Daddy anymore.

We also have lost our property virginity, and finally bought our first home. We were hesitant to buy because Vete is in school, and that alone is a huge financial and time burden. But the cost of homes, and the tax credits really got us off the fence. When we found the home that was perfect for us, we knew we had to get it. We are now in Lehi and love it, but we miss the convenience of Draper, everything was walking distance away (not that we walked). We also miss the Draper condo, so much of my growing up happened while we were living there. I became a Mother, I slowly matured into an adult, we had our first Christmas together there, I learned how a keep a home and to take care of my family. We had so many memories in the four years that we lived at the condo, and I will miss it. I'm not going to post pictures of the house, only because we are so wanting to host and have people over- so if you are in the area come by and visit(just give me a couple of minutes to stuff all my mess into a closet). J/K once I find my USB cable I'll post pictures, but seriously. Since we moved to Lehi, we decided to attend the Samoan ward out here. All I can say is that I feel like I belong, people are so warm, and so nice and Vete likes it too so that is a huge plus. I liked my Palagi ward, and ward members were friendly but I really felt out of place. We are really happy with our decision to attend the Samoan ward.

Gosh novel yeah, happy holidays everyone!