Thursday, May 28, 2009

My baby no more......

My little baby is now three years old- tear, tear- makes me so sad because he’s becoming more and more independent from me. I know that’s a good thing but pretty soon he will be talking back to me, disobeying me, causing chaos- wait a minute he does that now, the bad thing is I know that will all increase ten fold. Up until now Tai has been the perfect lil boy, his smiles melt my heart, he never gives a kiss without a hug to go with it, he picks up his toys after playing with it and he’s my greatest blessing. I know I’m a sucker for this kid and will give anything and everything to him- I think if Vete wasn’t around to put his foot down I really would go broke getting Tai anything his little heart desires. This is a weakness I have, and a reality I haven’t realized until lately.

When Tai was born he was a good baby, rarely cried, even if he did his cry was the cutest thing to me. He was a little late in crawling and walking mainly because I always carried him, but he never had the terrible two’s and rarely threw fits. Vete and I thought to ourselves, if he doesn’t get the terrible two’s by 2 ½ then he probably will never get it. Hello, amateur parents here- we did not realize the fury of Tai- the lil monster we were creating.- ok “I was” creating. My form of discipline was timeout, and it has worked so far. I point to the corner when he does something bad and he sits down and folds his arms, and stays there until his time is up. However as my lil angel turns into a lil devil I have recently fallen back to my parent’s method of discipline “the hand will talk when the mouth is too tired”. Tough love is a lesson that I am still learning, and I know my greatest fear is turning this kid into a “momma’s boy” so I have to stick with it.

I just hope Tai that this year brings you happiness, and joy- and that this isn’t an early sign of headaches to come for your Mommy. Please continue to be my little angel, please, please, please! Tai won’t have a party this year, we are going to take him out to eat, probably take him to watch the movie “Up”, and have him pick out his bike that he has been asking for the longest. I promised him that he will get a party next year- oh and Tai is also going to get something that he has always wanted, to be continued……

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend getaway!

Vete and I are the definition of old farts! We have been together for about nine years (5 dating and 4 married), seems like an eternity- for realz. Our favorite past time is co zing up on the couch and watching movies. We have not been able to do much of this lately, but when we do have the time it's a joy. I know so boring but no shame here, Vete and I are pretty mellow people and enjoy keeping things low key and quiet. This year we celebrate our 4Th year wedding anniversary, although I'm embarrassed to admit this is the first time we celebrated our anniversary. We have forgotten all about it the first three years, we both have very bad memories. Because of our limited funds we decided to just pick up some Cafe rio and eat at a park, but because it rained we ended up coming home and Vete studied. It was ok because school is our focus right now, but inside I really felt like doing something fun and different. Luckily Vete sister invited us to come with them to camp and fish up Scofield, I was really excited- I needed to get out of the mundane. Vete was kind of on the fence he didn't know what to expect but was willing to go up for a day and check it out, I told Vete this would be our way to really celebrate our anniversary because it was the same week. We went up to scofield Friday afternoon, it's 30 min past the Spanish Fork Canyons, and the drive is beautiful. I've been in Utah for about ten years and never been up that way before, I felt like I was in a different state. Let me tell you this is not camping, we stayed at a beautiful cabin, we had hot running water, our room looked like a hotel room, and the view was so pretty! Vete went fishing with his nieces and brother-in-law, and Tai tagged along. I guess Tai was a little too excited that he wanted to touch everything that he was not suppose to and when we arrived to the lake Vete was so fed up with him. Tai was such a bad boy at the cabin, he didn't listen to a word I said and my strategy of a time out didn't work so well out there. When this kid is with his cousins he seems to think that he can do and get away with anything- which he pretty much did, but he got it when we got home! Anyways Tai had so much fun, he made smores, rode Pine's 4-wheeler, disobeyed his Momma and got away with it and was just in heaven seeing and playing with all his cousins. Although it rained a lot we had a lot of fun, and had a great experience- thanks Peni! Happy 4th anniversary to my teddy bear I hope we remember to celebrate it next year-lol! My camera is acting funny., pic to come soon.