Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our new addition......

Yes finally!

Bringing his fish home

Giving fish a huge hug to welcome him home

Tai could not stop staring

Tai would not leave his fishy side, afraid mommy might return him!

Petco has been our go to place for Tai to burn some energy, see some cool animals and have a little fun! We live right next to Petco, and I have been taking him there since he started to walk and so far I have not bought a single thing. I took him there the other day and the first thing he sees as we walked in was a elmo fish tank. Tai never throws tantrums ever, but as soon as he sees this Elmo fish tank he goes crazy screaming his head off, jumping around- I was so embarassed. I took him in the corner and we won't go into details but to sumarize I told him to calm down and we can get a treat. As we walked around he tightly grasped the tank never letting it go, until he spots a spaceship tank- so he puts the Elmo tank down and grabs the spaceship. My initial plan was to let him hold it and then distract him as he was looking at an animal and then quickly put the tank away. It was a little hard because he would not let go of the spaceship. Vete and I are not animal people, I know a fish isn't a big deal but when I was in college I bought a little fish just for fun. Well the fish died on the same day I got it, I thought the fish would like some sunlight so I left the fish next to the window and I guess it boiled to death. I came home and the fish was floating at the top, mind you I was 20 at the time- and felt like the biggest idiot. So I didn't care to much about getting a fish even for Tai- ok I just didn't trust myself taking care of one. But I started thinking and Tai is probably not going to have a sibling for a while, so might as well get him a little companion that will stay put and not smell. So Tai won he got his fish and since Tai has survived his Mommy so far, I guess the fish will survive me too!