Friday, November 28, 2008

My Boys

This post is dedicated to my 2 boys, the blessings that I will be forever in debt for.
I'm thankful for my husband for the following reasons:
1. Of course without him I would not have my son Tai who is my inspiration.
2. He is the coolest person, in chaotic or calm sitautions he stays cool and doesn't react but responds.
3. Very organized, does the sorting of the laundry, pantry, closet- everything that I make a disarray and mess of he organizes.
4. Great cook, when Vete does cook it's always good!
5. My best friend, knows what I'm thinking and feeling without saying a word.
6. His constant love for me; through my many moods, my sporadic and random conversations, my weight gain/loss and then gain again, through it all and as hard as it is to love me you do and I'm thankful for you!
I'm thankful for my son Tai for the following reasons and more:
1. Tai is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
2. The one and only person that I can never be apart from for more then a couple of hours.
3. His smile melts my heart.
4. He inspires me to work harder.
5. He is the motivating force behind everything I do, my goals and my dreams for the future.
6. He is the reason I cannot stop smiling, the reason why I look foward to another day, the reason why I want many more little munchkins just like him, and the reason why I am the luckiest Mother in the world.
I love my two boys and they make my life a complete joy, when I count my blessings I count you two a million times over!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NKOTB Concert

I went to the NKOTB concert with my sil's and my cousins (Louisa & Marieta- I claim my husbands family as my own). It was so much fun, the little boy band crazed girl in me came out and it was a blast. My sil Nica got the best seats we were 5 rows from the front stage, we could see their sweat (lol)! I was 5 yrs old when NKOTB came out and I got to know them through my sister because she listened to them a lot, and it was a dream come true to see them live in concert. I know I'm 27 yrs old and I'm a mother and a wife, but ya know what we are still entitled to be as immature as we want- I think sometimes I take advantage of that a little too much but who cares. Lady Gaga performed and then Natahsa B. they were really good, and can really sing. Then NKOTB came to the stage and they are middle-aged but they still got it, they look good and they can sing. I gotta back track here cause the only downside of the concert is my dang camera died so I don't have too many pictures of the concert. I was so mad out of all the times it could have died it had to be that night. Also a couple of days before the concert my son broke my glasses, and I didn't have time to fix it so I was a dork and taped it together and wore it that night. Other then that the whole experience was awesome, my husband kept teasing that the ladies at the concert would probable throw their granny panties to the stage. It was funny because a lady in front of us threw her bra and it went right behind the security guard- man the bra looked old and over used. While NKOTB were singing someone from the audience through a shirt to Donny W. and it said "I love Mormon girls" and he put it on! Over all it was a great concert, a great time away from my husband and son- and great time to act like I was a child again. And yes I purposely dressed like "where's waldo?" so that they would notice me- and it didn't work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Found it!

Halloween night was the night I lost my camera, and I've never been so lost. I didn't know what to do, so many lost memories, so much to blog about but how could I without a picture to upload. It was a hard time for me, but hooray I finally found my camera that was in Tai's nike bag, that was smashed in the seat compartment of his toy truck- and why didn't I look there first. Ok so nothing much has happened in the Ho Ching household, the past couple weeks has been pretty much the same old thing. Tai was a pirate for Halloween and he did not want to take a picture these are the best we could get :

The winter cold has begun and Tai has been spending a lot of time practicing his numbers, and alphabets only because he knows that every time he gets it right he gets a piece of candy from Halloween. Tai is finally using the potty, he is going number 1 really good but is still having a hard time going number 2. It has been snowing a lot in Draper and Tai is just loving it. The first day the snow fell I hurried and got Tai bundle up and he was so excited. When we finally made it outside Tai just pointed at the snow and looked at me and said "snow Mommy, snow", he didn't even touch it. Oh my so much like the Father! Because it is getting so cold we have been spending a lot of time inside which means time to get creative with indoor play. The following is a result of that.