Sunday, September 7, 2008

Survey time!

My life is a constant tape put on replay, and I needed a new post so I stole this from Nimo's page- here goes....
A) Four places that I go to over and over:
1. I walk to my mail box,
2. I walk to Petco.
3. I walk to Great Harvest
4. Occassionally if I must- I'll drive to the grocery store- we have a gas guzler and I'm a penny pinching freak so I feel like I save a ton by walking a lot, and my son loves it - it helps that our backyard is the Draper Peaks shopping center! Oh and I'm doing my part to save the planet- yay me!
B) Four people who e-mail me:
My sister Saolo (Sora Betham) who is on a mission in Romania, luv u!
Harmony Kahaialii (sorry girl if I mispelled that last name)
junk mail mostly
and co-workers
C)Four of my favorite places to eat:
Sam hawk
J dawg's ( I know it is just a hot dog stand but it's the bomb!)
Cafe Rio
This bomb Indian restaurant, can't remember the name but it's right next to szechuan garden in Midvale, UT
D) Four Places I Wouldn't Mind Being Right Now:
Laie, I know it's not the greatest place in the world but it's home and I miss my little rock in the middle of the ocean.
New Zealand
and Cali. to visit my parents
E) Four people I will TAG
Anyone and everyone,
F) Four TV shows I watch over and over:
Lost, lost, lost, and lost- I'm a crazy lost fan!