Monday, October 20, 2008

An afternoon with the ducks

There is a park that I always take Tai to, and just across the park there is a man-made duck pond that we just discovered. We spent the afternoon feeding and wathcing the ducks swim and waddle back and forth. The weather was so beautiful, and Tai just had a ball! I didn't have any bread so we fed the ducks animal cookies, they ate it- just hope we didn't give the ducks any digestive problems. The ducks were quickly crowding towards Tai when they found out he had some food, they were gentle but I just got worried something might happen and ended the feeding frenzy. Seriously I know I'm a cheese ball when it comes to Tai, but I kind of teared up watching him feed the ducks. I had a moment- and just looked at him and saw the greatest blessing my Heavenly Father has ever blessed me with. I love my husband but the love between a parent and a child is the greatest love of all, and I am so grateful for my son. He is growing up so fast his baby days are definitely numbered!