Sunday, June 28, 2009

Apple a day keeps the dentist away....

So this post is about my husband, I'm so mad at him or maybe myself , or maybe just jealous in a way. It's the end of the fiscal year with our benefits I made dentist appointments for Vete and I. It's been about a year and a half since I have gone to the dentist and had a lot of pain in one tooth and really needed a check up. I hate to admit but I floss occasionally, I brush my teeth twice a day, but I do have a love for chocolate- love that stuff! Vete on the other hand never flosses, I rarely see him brush his teeth before bed, and he eats a lot of candy but not as much as me. I asked Vete "so how long has it really been since you've seen the Dentist?", his response "probably since before I went on my mission, which was about I think ten years ago." He's had no pain nothing all this time but I convinced Vete that he needs to go in and get a check up. In the back of my mind I already new we would have to spend a lot out-of-pocket for me because I knew I needed a lot of work, I didn't want to think about how much out-of-pocket we needed to spend on him. So we go in and who gets scolded by the Dentist, and then has to have countless filings and lets not mention the root canals that need to be done- yes that is me. Then who is the one that gets praised by the dentits and only needs 2-3 fillings and 1 root canal, yes that would be my husband who has not seen the dentist in over ten years. The dentist tells my husband that he's got really good genes, not only are his teeth really healthy but so are his gums. I'm happy for him but he loves to rub it in, and now remembers to floss and brush twice a day- only because he feels obligated to keep up his good report with the dentist. How ironic!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you pregnant yet?

It seems like as soon as I gave birth to Tai, the question "are you pregnant yet?" was frequently asked- no joke. So after three years of trying, and never ever being on birth control I started asking myself that question. I always wanted my kids a year a part, or close together so they would have close relationships- and I could make use of hand-me-downs (it's just the cheap in me). For a while there I accepted the fact that Tai would be the only child, and Vete and I were both ok with that. But I knew that Tai would miss out on a lot being the only child. Finally I am so excited to say that yes "I am pregnant" and I can finally give Tai the sibling that he has always wanted. I did try the clomide (spelling) thing, but excited to say when I got pregnant it was natural and I was not on any type of fertility pill- there is only one heart beat when the Doctor checked. I just have to add that anyone out there that is still trying to get pregnant don't stress, because it will happen when you least expect it. I was one of those people that took a pregnancy test the day I was late, sometimes a day or two early and you don't need details but lets say we were very strict on following through on my fertility days. It was a long journey for us and the week I found out I was pregnant, I actually had another appointment to see the Doctor to get back on the Clomide. This pregnancy came out of no where, of course we wanted it but we accepted the disappointment of a negative test so that it would be easier to take. Vete was skeptical even after I took 3 pregnancy test and they all came out positive, he was so happy but would not show his emotions until I confirmed it with the Doctor. Once the doctor did the ultra sound and confirmed it, he was so excited and called everyone he knew. Vete is dying for a Lil girl, but I have a feeling it will be another boy because the pregnancy feels the same as to when I was pregnant with Tai. But we both really don't care, after trying so long we are happy to be adding another special spirit to our lil family. January 24, 2010 our bundle of joy will arrive and we cannot wait, seriously this pregnancy is already too long!