Wednesday, June 8, 2011

happy 5th birthday and happy graduation

May 2011 was a hard month for me, my baby turned 5 years old and also graduated from preschool.

Since his 4th birthday he has reached the following milestones;

1. Tai has not had one single potty accident so far (one accomplishment mommy is very proud of)

2. Tai can count from 1-20 and recognizes the numbers.

3. He can write letters A-M both big and small and know their sounds.

4. Tai is now the proud parent of a new Beta fish and a guniea pig - and they are still happy and alive.

5. Tai has grown 2 and a quarter inches tall.

6. He has not scored a soccer goal yet but has come along way and is finally playing and practicing with his teammates without being attatched to mommies leg.

7. He has overcomed his fear of dark basements and is now willing to run downtairs without calling out for someone to go with him.

8. He can ride his bike still with training wheels but he is going faster then ever.

9. He has also learned to pump his legs on the swings and doesn't need anyone to push him.

10. Tai can write his name.

Tai is growing so fast and learning so many things, and slowly becoming more independent. He amazes me everyday, and pretty soon I'll me adding getting baptized, and going on a mission to the list. My heart is so full when I think of how lucky I am to have this kid for a son.

Mommy loves you Tai and happy 5th birthday again to my greatest blessing.


Mary said...

wow betty! he's such a smartie! just like his mama. what a cutie! happy belated birthday tai!

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